performance overview for website

Website Performance Dashboard

Including all the important and key performance index data in one place: Daily Users, Daily Page Views, Daily Sessions, Pages per session, Daily visited pages, Performance score, Ad impressions, Viewability, Header bidding performance, Bad Ads.

Lighthouse Performance Snapshot

Keep Snapshot and Performance Auditing result once per hour, see the performance improvement of your optimisation.

lighthouse performance snapshot for website
Real user performance monitoring

Real User Performance Monitoring

See the real user experience, identify performance issues in realtime. See the speed of each layer: DNS, Server connect, Server backend speed, First Paint frontend speed, Dom load time, Memory usage.

Ads Loading Speed and Total Request Count

Auditing Ads Loading Speed and the total HTTP request count on your website.

ads speed and request count
Website Speed Index

Website Speed Index

Keep monitoring the speed of your website and the client side memory usage.

User Trends and Engagement Scores

Track user interactions and behaviour to help identify issues and improve website usability with engagement scores.

User Trends and Engagement Scores
Synthetic Performance Monitoring

Synthetic Performance Monitoring

Tracking the Synthetic Performance of all your websites in one dashboard.