Why Pubperf Realtime Prebid Analytics

Transfon Team

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Why Pubperf Realtime Prebid Analytics

Most larger publishers using prebid to optimise their yield performance. They have to frequently update their prebid ad stack. Such as adding in a new bidder and demand partner, integrate with a consent management system for GDPR and CCPA regulation compliance.

One day you might see the header bidding revenue suddenly dropped or stopped, you don't know why. By using Pubperf Header Bidding Analytics you can see since when this was started and understand why and what caused the change.

There are tens of header bidding adapters, but a website can not put all the adapters and demand-sides into the header bidding stack. The realtime analytics help you identify good or bad performance bidders.

You can see the trend by each 10-minute at the Pubperf prebid Analytics dashboard. The most important and useful features are:

Real time total impressions from header bidding and the total impressions from your adsense

prebid winning impressions

You can see the gap indicates an issue of the prebid stack and the header bidding stack.

Realtime Winning impressions from each bidder

performance of each bidder

The overall winning impressions of all bidders and the winning impressions of each bidder help you decide how to prioritise each bidder.

Realtime eCPM of each bidder

performance of each bidder

The winning eCPM also help you identify the bidders have a higher performance.

How people use Pubperf:

SEO Agency uses pubperf to audit the page speed of the client's website and optimise based on the recommendations. Then generate an ongoing report for your clients. They are able to show the job they have done on the website.

Digital publishers and agencies use pubperf to manage the website performance for a large number of websites. It is important to have a fast website, but it is a pain to keep running page speed report on tons of websites they own. They also use Pubperf to track the performance of prebid.js.