Tips To Get a 90% Lighthouse Performance Score
Google lighthouse performance score is very important for SEO. lots of people house in the SEO performance increased by optimising the page speed. But when we are looking at our own website we can see lots of third party scripts, what can we do to improve Google lighthouse performance score?
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Why Pubperf Realtime Prebid Analytics
Most larger publishers using prebid to optimise their yield performance. They have to frequently update their prebid ad stack. Such as adding in a new bidder and demand partner, integrate with a consent management system for GDPR and CCPA regulation compliance.
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Manage Site Speed for SEO with Google and Pubperf
Google has released a video about the impact of site speed for website SEO in a special episode about page speed and SEO: ‘Site Speed: What SEOs Need to Know #AskGoogleWebmasters’ session recently. You can see the full discussion here:
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